About the Project

         Countries’ capitals are the most beautiful and the most interesting towns with lots of interesting sights, secrets and histories of the city. Our proposed project will examine themes such as the history of capitals, cultural heritage, UNESCO monuments and areas, mysteries of capitals.

       The main idea of ​​the project is to analyse and describe the uniqueness and originality of the national capital on the one hand, and to identify the problems and strategies for the preservation of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in different countries on the other hand. In spite of the fact that the geopolitical situation, culture and history of each country is different, the project attemps to find common ground and reveal the historical and cultural curiosities of different capitals. We hope that students from different schools, nationalities and religious beliefs will be glad to explore the inexhaustible topic of cultural secrets, to familiarize themselves with the uniqueness of their country, and to broaden their outlook.

    This   project is oriented to cooperation, innovations and sharing good practice‘s goals – strategic partnership‘s education, teaching and youth field. Majority of the projects has already researched cultures, traditions, customs variety. But this project‘s innovation is that every participating country will analyze/explore their country capital‘s exclusiveness and individuality, will search for various even for their own country‘s students unknown interesting, for history important places and monuments. They will create strategies how to preserve culture‘s heritage for upcoming generations and all the countries will try to find common touch points.

All the countries will create common electronic legends book. In this book there will be collected legends about capital and will be written in this country (original) language and translated to English. This book will be placed in a social space. Also will be created intellectual product – collection of methodical articles how to work, what to teach children during the lessons, what methods, techniques, innovations to use, how to introduce the capital's history, architecture, culture, etc. What a student should know about other countries' capitals.

Students and teachers will develop their ICT competencies, organize and participate in video conferences, create movies, presentations using various programs. Teachers and the school will also gain new experience, because they will get acquainted with other educational and training methods, will improve their knowledge of exchanges between schools, they will also improve the level of communication between teachers. Cooperation between different countries will help improve the quality of education and the level of motivation for everyone: students, teachers, the school and parents. It will promote the use of foreign languages, ICT. It will advance our understanding of European citizenship and respect for other cultures. By visiting each other we will discover more tolerance, experience, understanding, a wider range of colors, openness, creativity, courage to share who we are, what we live.

     By this cooperation we will seek to learn new languages and familiarize ourselves with the latest technologies and education methods. This project will seek to develop cultural alliance between different European countries.

        During the project, students will learn more about Europe and its geography, history, will gain new ideas and a comprehensive experience. They will have the opportunity to interact with students of European countries, who will be interested in history, will practice foreign languages more. Students’ parents will learn about the importance of European cultures, and the impact on student well-balanced education. Only through comprehensive knowledge will we realize and value more and respect our own and other cultural values.


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